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Our services are wide-ranging. We consider ourselves not just your contract manufacturer but also your partner, your developer and your reliable producer.  The selection of most suitable materials and their applications, the planning of efficient production processes, the on time delivery using our own transport fleet are guarantors of our customers' success and the quality of the products.


Our customers like to fall back on our broad manufacturing know-how. Overall, we have more than 30 years of experience in profile and surface processing.

We are therefore able to offer you an optimal price-performance ratio and meet the highest quality standards.

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At ALMETEC, production quality is valued all stages. As you know our standard for aluminium and stainless steel products manufactured by us: "We work with precision. For you." All development, production and service within the company is held to the highest level of exactly this standard and documented. From the smallest hand movement to the most complex automated production process, we work with precision. For you.


ALMETEC'S own transport fleet ensures reliable and independent delivery. We deliver to you according to the Kanban V system at optimal cost and offer our customers complete warehousing and inventory management. Provision of trucks swap bodies for cost reduction is also included.

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ALMETEC service doesn't end with the delivery of goods.  If requested, we will take over the complete final assembly of component groups and remain your contact partner at all  times. In addition to engraving or laser labelling or product identification through pad or screen printing, our service includes bar-code marking and labelling, at the request of the customer.


Our production plants at all locations are state of the art and comply with and/or exceed the legal environmental requirements. Some current examples: Since mid 2010, a large amount of energy required for our anodizing plant has been generated by the installed 150kw photovoltaic system in the building. The installation of a heat recovery system in surface technology at the end of 2010 meant that 35% of heating energy could be saved that year. Other projects are in the planning stage.

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What can we do for you?

With certainty we can also help you and convince you of the quality of our products. Let us work with precision. For you.

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